SBC West Frankfort, IL

August 10th-12th

Free Conference at Second Baptist Church West Frankfort, IL.
Please join us for a time of sound Biblical preaching, God honoring music, inspiring missionary reports, and the encouragement of like-minded fellowship. Our desire is to provide hospitality to enable church leaders and laity to be refreshed and challenged in these current times.

Preachers: Randall Easter, Joseph Mahlaola, Jerry Dorris, Brett Beasley
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Meet the Preachers

Jerry Dorris

Brother Jerry is a native of Central Illinois and is lead elder of Reformation Church, Shelbyville,
Kentucky.  Brother Jerry is Director of Reformation Frontline Missions, where he models and mentors street evangelism and abortion mill ministry through the local church. He is committed to expository
preaching. Through the ministries of Reformation Church, church leaders are provided
extensive opportunities for training and equipping. Additionally, Reformation Church provides
local churches with a variety of evangelistic tools and abortion mill signage. The “War Room”
ministry of the church provides strong preaching and cultural insights for leaders and laity. Jerry
is committed to sound reformed doctrine in preaching and practice. He is married to Michelle
and they have two sons.

Randall Easter

Brother Randall is a native of East Texas and has served as pastor of By the Word Baptist
Church, Azle, Texas, since 2000. He earned multiple Master’s Degrees from Southwestern
Baptist Theological Seminary and has extensive training in Biblical Greek. Prior to his current
pastorate, Brother Randall served as an evangelist. He is committed to expository preaching.
His consistent focus is upon the glory of God as expressed through the local church. He has
done extensive mission work in the U.S., Africa, Central America, and Mexico. He currently
partners with local church pastors in Mexico and Central America, teaching and training local
churchmen on short term trips, and through weekly video sessions. He is passionately
committed to personal evangelism. He has written numerous books and tracts, including a
commentary on the Book of Jonah. Brother Randall is married to Beverly, and they have four
children, one son-in-law, and four grandchildren.

Joseph Mahlaola

Brother Joseph is a native of South Africa, and began serving as pastor of Christ Baptist
Church, Polokwane, South Africa, in 2022. He is a graduate of Christ Seminary, and earned a
Doctor of Ministry Degree from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. His extensive
ministry experience is wide ranging. He served as a local church pastor, then transitioned into
mission work with Christ Baptist Church, focusing on teaching and training of church leaders in
Mozambique. His academic skills and teaching ability brought him appointment to Christ
Seminary where he served as a Professor/Lecturer for over a decade. His experience in
ministry serves him well in his current role as pastor/teacher at Christ Baptist Church. Christ
Baptist Church continues to train and equip pastors to fill the pulpits of Africa with sound
doctrine. He is a true Bible scholar and strong expositor with a pastor’s heart for the glory of
God in the local church. His wife is Welhemina, and they have two children.
Brett Beasley
Brother Brett is a native of Southern Illinois, and began serving as pastor of Second Baptist
Church, West Frankfort, in 1999. He has a Master’s Degree from Southwestern Baptist
Theological Seminary, and a Doctor of Ministry from Luther Rice Seminary. He has done
mission work in Africa, Jamaica, Mexico Great Britain, and numerous states. His passion is the
local church and the encouragement of laity and local church leaders. He is committed to
expository preaching and enjoys writing materials to support local church ministry in the form of
tracts, Bible studies, and devotional materials. He is married to Phoebe, and they have two
children, one son-in-law, and two grandchildren.

Meet the Music Leaders

Courtney Hill

Brother Courtney Hill is married to Christina, and they have five children and two
grandchildren. He has served as Associate Pastor at First Baptist Church of Herrin
for more than twenty-three years. In addition to music ministry, Brother
Courtney’s responsibilities include preaching, teaching, and student ministry.

Danny  Ward

Brother Danny Ward has served as Worship and Senior Adult Pastor at Second
Baptist Church—Marion, for more than twenty-nine years. He is married to Pam,
and they have three children and two grandchildren. Brother Danny is passionate
about corporate worship and has faithfully served in a variety of music ministries.


Thursday, August 10

Session 1         6:00 pm                                                                                              
Congregational Music—Brother Courtney Hill
Missions Presentation
Preaching—Brother Randall Easter
Session 2         7:45 pm
Congregational Music—Brother Courtney Hill
Missions Presentation
Preaching—Brother Jerry Dorris

Friday August 11-Morning

Breakfast Served                     7:30-8:45 am

Session 3         9:00 am
Congregational Music—Brother Danny Ward
Missions Presentation
Preaching—Brother Joseph Mahlaola

Session 4         10:30 am                    
Congregational Music—Danny  Ward
Missions Presentation
Preaching—Brother Jerry Dorris

Lunch Break—
On your own or Provided for those Attending  Abortion  Abolition Ministry  Meeting
Session 5         12:00 pm - 1:30 pm
 Abortion Ministry Seminar

Friday August 11-Afternoon

Saturday August 12

Session 6         3:30 pm                                 
 Prison Ministry Informational Meeting
Dinner Served                         4:30-5:45 pm

Session 7         6:00 pm                                 
 Congregational Music—Brother Danny Ward
 Missions Presentation
 Preaching—Brother Randall Easter
 Session 8         7:30 pm
Congregational Music—Brother Danny Ward
 Missions Presentation
 Preaching—Brother Joseph Mahlaola
Breakfast Served                   7:30-8:45 pm

Session 9         9:00 am
Congregational Singing—Brother Courtney Hill
Strike Special Missions Session
Preaching—Brother Brett Beasley
Session 10       10:30 am
Congregational Singing—Brother Courtney Hill
Missions Presentation—Anchored in Truth Missions   Preaching—Brother Joseph Mahlaola

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